CDL Training

Before you're able to drive a commercial truck, you'll need CDL training to prepare for the test. AW LOGSON offers the affordably priced, individualized instruction you need to pass your exam with flying colors and begin your career.

Class Instruction

The classroom portion takes up one-quarter of our four-week course and will teach you the rules and regulations of truck driving. In the classroom, you will receive all the information you need to pass the written portion of the Class.

Behind the wheel training

Experience behind the wheel is what separates a good driver from an unprepared one. Your 120 hours of training behind the wheel will include practice driving on our course as well as local roads, streets, and highways. Interstate routes will be included to prepare you for the exam, and you'll get many hours of observation experience to perfect your driving technique.

CDL refresh courses

If you're getting ready to take your Commercial Driver's License (CDL) test again, the professionals at AW LOGSON are here to help! Perhaps it's been a little while since you last attempted the CDL exam, and you want to be certain that you'll be ready next time you take the test. If so, is the school for you!